Project “Memórias da Quinta” (Quinta’s memories)

Quinta das Cruzes
Photo: Perestrelos Collection
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As part of the celebration of International Day for Monuments and Sites, April 18, 2018, under the theme Heritage: from generation to generation, the Quinta das Cruzes Museum launches the “Memórias da Quinta” (Quinta’s memories) project.

Through this initiative we intend to collect stories of experiences and memories of this place, with the local community, regional, national and international visitors.

Being aware that this is a cultural location enjoyed for decades by children, young people, adults and seniors, for different reasons, whether the reason, by the museum’s collection or the contact with nature and gardens, it is important to know the various meanings and the way this place is emotionally related to each individual, exploring the memories that were built here.

The Quinta das Cruzes Museum is a testimony to the history of the Island, the city of Funchal, but also the history of the people, of each one of us.

This is a project aimed at all ages regardless of place of residence and place of birth.

The stories can be sent, by December 31, 2018, by letter,  audio/video recording, or any other mean, to our address or to the following email:

This project will have in a second phase the dissemination of the collected stories, depending on the number of stories sent by the participants and respective authorizations to use them for this purpose.