Museums of Madeira Platform

The online platform Madeira Museums (Museus da Madeira) consists of an online collective catalogue, composed by the databases of the Quinta das Cruzes Museum, Frederico de Freitas House-Museum, Ethnographic Museum of Madeira and Mudas.Museum of Contemporary Art of Madeira, supervised by the Directorate of Services of Museums and Cultural Patrimony of the Regional Direction for Culture and that are part of the Portuguese Network of Museums.

This platform allows the public to access the collections of the museums of Madeira and, for the first time, from anywhere in the world. The platform provides the ability to search the collection of each museum and also in a transversal form, allowing to search simultaneously on all the collections of the mentioned museums, relatively, for example, an authorship, typology, historical period, building, tradition or festive event.

The search can be made in three levels – free, oriented or advanced – depending on the needs of each user who can gradually proceed to the combination of criteria and achieve a high degree of refinement, restricting or extending the research to obtain more specific results.

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