Collection Management and Inventory

The Management and Inventory Service of the collections of Quinta das Cruzes Museum studies the Museum estate, as well as gathering all associated documentation.

This service is also responsible for computerising the Museum inventory.

This Service not only includes the internal research carried out by the Museum technicians with a view to producing instruments which afford the safeguarding, studying and dissemination of the cultural Heritage to be found in its field of influence, but also external research which allows collaboration with researchers from outside the institution.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. – 2 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Conditions for accessing/supporting researchers

The Museum is obliged, within the staff and space limitations to which it is subject, to cooperate with researchers, research centres, schools and universities and other public and private entities acting in the field of mobile cultural Heritage.
As regards support to external research it is a rule of Quinta das Cruzes Museum:

  1. To accompany the work of researchers/students from outside the Museum, facilitating their access to the works on display and reserved works, as well as access to the documentation attached to the pieces.
  2. They shall be provided with access to the collections and documentation inherent therein, save such exceptions wherein owing to factors deemed relevant, the Museum deems access thereunto as prohibited.
  3. The provision of information (about pieces or miscellaneous documentation, including photographic images) about the Museum collection shall be provided to those people and entities that so request in writing to the Museum management, identifying therein the researcher or institution making the request, and what it is intended to consult or obtain from the Museum and for what purpose.
    The provision of some of these services may entail the payment of costs inherent in the service provided, established in a table to be approved under the terms of the law.
  4. A copy of the work carried out shall be submitted to the Museum Library.