International Museum Day at MQC | 2018 Edition

As part of the International Museum Day celebrations (May 18), this year’s theme was “Hyperconnected Museums – New Approaches, New Audiences”, the Quinta das Cruzes Museum aims to raise awareness among young and adult audiences of the importance to recognize the work of art as a point of origin for the creation of connections with other realities, whether they are the result of the Past or the Present and in what way these connections contribute, today, to our cultural identity.

It was in this context that a thematic tour with the theme “An object, multiple realities” was made for the adult public, where they explored paintings linked to the historical and artistic panorama of the Madeira Island, with the aid of digital tools (phone app) that complemented the information transmitted along the tour.

This visit was directed to the recognition of the language of a cultural object within the scope of the temporary or permanent exhibition, in dialogue with other objects. In this sense, it was explored the multiplicity of interpretations and contexts that a work of art provides in contact with other realities.

Throughout this commemorative day, the Quinta das Cruzes Museum, was open to in a continuous schedule (from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. without breaks) with free admissions and had a total of 326 visitors (national and foreign).