The restoration of cultural assets shall only be carried out by technicians who are specialised and qualified to this end, or oriented by them, in conjunction with the Institution managers. The Quinta das Cruzes Museum has sought partnerships and technical consultancies in the scope of the conservation and restoration of the cultural assets in its keeping, monitoring and cooperating at all stages of the intervention process.

In recent years several restoration campaigns were carried out in staged fashion in the scope of institutional financial support, provided by the PIDDAR E POPRAM III /FEDER Projects.

The Museum has proceeded with a systematic survey of the state of upkeep of its estate and proceeded, in staged fashion, with the restoration of some clusters and/or isolated pieces.

Denomination: Sedan chair
Collection: Means of Transport
Origin: France
Dating: 18th century
Inv. no.: mqc 2306
Restoration: IPCR / Ana Casals
Date: 2005-2007


Denomination: Orchestrophone
Collection: Musical Instruments
Author: Manufacturer Limonaire Frères
Dating: 1900
Inv. no.: mqc 1977
Restoration: Isopo Atelier (wood and polychrome structure)/Dinarte Machado (mechanical and instrumental structures)
Date: 2004-2006


Denomination: Harp
Collection: Musical Instruments
Author: Manufacturer G.A. Stumpff
Dating: early 19th century
Inv. no.: mqc 2201
Restoration: Instituto José de Figueiredo
Date: 1998